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Utility Bricks

A selection of utility bricks designed for all types of construction offering a solution to a variety of design and build applications: -


Dense Concrete Common Bricks

Edenhall’s Dense Common Bricks are designed to be used for all types of construction above and below dpc level, independently or in conjunction with dense aggregate blocks.


The aggregates used in the manufacturing process provide density, strength and thermal conductivity values, which are compatible with the majority of dense concrete blocks.

In addition to their ability to withstand repeated cycles of attack from rain and frost, good quality dense concrete bricks age harden, and throughout independently controlled laboratory experiments, the bricks passed the most rigorous freeze-thaw tests designed to establish the durability classification for masonry.

Colour and finish may vary depending on the supplying works. Colour and texture can not be guaranteed.


The bricks, which may be solid or frogged, are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units.

As stated in this Standard they can be defined as: Common masonry units normally intended for use with no faces left visible.

Brick Technical Data Sheet 4 - Dense Concrete Commons


Dense and Lightweight Coursing Bricks

Edenhall’s coursing bricks are designed to be used in all types of construction in conjunction with dense aggregate or lightweight aggregate blocks, both of which are available in standard bed widths of 100mm and 140mm.  “They are also available as 40mm high slips for use in building up courses in beam and block floors”.

BTB 10 - Coursing Brick Application.


The 140mm width units are particularly suitable for use in the inner leaf of three storey buildings and party walls (Ref, Parts A and E of the Building Regulations) in addition to the requirements of BS 8103, ‘Structural Design of Low Rise Buildings’.

For lightweight bricks the specially selected aggregates used in the manufacturing process provide density, strength and thermal conductivity values which are comparable with the majority of lightweight aggregate blocks with a density range of 1000 - 1500kg/m3 .*


Good quality coursing bricks age harden and dense coursing bricks, with an average compressive strength of 22N/mm2, will resist freeze-thaw cycles. Lightweight bricks should only be used on inner leafs and should be protected from prolonged frost or snow.

The bricks, which are solid, are manufactured and tested100mm lightweight in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011 - ‘Specification for Masonry Units:

Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units’.

Brick Technical Data Sheet 3 - Dense & Lightweight Coursings

Brick Technical Bulletin 10 - Coursing Brick Applications


Engineering Bricks

Edenhall’s Engineering Bricks are durable, high strength bricks, specially manufactured to accommodate high loads and cope with exposure to aggressive ground conditions.


Made from selected dense aggregates and a choice of cements, the bricks, which exhibit low porosity and high dimensional accuracy, are completely frost resistant and suitable for use below ground where natural sulphates, up to and exceeding Class 3 levels, are present. Two grades of bricks in two forms are available: (a) Red or Blue Engineering Brick made with Ordinary Portland Cement. Available in Solid, and Frogged forms. (b) Sulphate Resisting Engineering Quality Brick [EQ] made with Sulphate Resisting Cements. Available in Solid form only.

Engineering Bricks are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN 771-3: 2011; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units and meet the criteria for strength, durability and sulphate resistance as detailed in BS 5628 Pt 3: 2005 and PD 6697 and other Standards.


Edenhall's Engineering bricks are approved by the NHBC, Water Authorities and Transport & Highways Agencies.

Brick Technical Data Sheet 2 - Engineering Bricks


Training Bricks

Edenhall are able to offer a selection of bricks at competitive rates, classified as "mixed commons" that are extremely suitable for use in skilled training by colleges, schools and construction skills centres. Please contact your Regional Sales Office for further information.


Special Bricks

The Edenhall range of Facing bricks is supported by a range of standard matching specials. Our Technical Data Sheet is only intended to show the most popular sizes and shapes, many other complementary and striking shapes can be manufactured to meet bespoke requirements.

Please note that certain specials are only available in a smooth finish, whilst others are produced in both Smooth and Brushed textures. Please consult your local Edenhall Sales Office for specific details.

Brick Technical Data Sheet 5 - Special Bricks


Facing Bricks

Edenhall has a large range of aesthetically pleasing Facing Bricks, Edenhall has the ability to produce a large range of colours and textures.

The strong aesthetics are matched by the excellent technical properties and performance levels of our bricks, derived from our innovative approach to the development and improvement in the field of hi-tech concrete products. Our technical expertise and flexible production processes allow us to offer a bespoke brick matching service with the ultimate “design your own brick” facility.

Brick Technical Data Sheet 1 - Facing Bricks