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Other Products

Cast Stone

With over 50 years experience in the production of high quality concrete products, we offer an unrivaled range of architectural stone units using all three of the standard production processes: traditional Semi-dry cast stone, lightweight fibre reinforced (FRCS) units, and Wet Precast products with smooth or etched finishes. All of our technical and estimating staff have developed extensive product knowledge and are well placed to offer assistance when choosing the right material for your specific application



Utility Bricks

Edenhall’s Utility Bricks are designed for all types of construction, they offer a solution to a variety of design and build applications. Some can be used above and below dpc level, either independently or in conjunction with dense aggregate blocks.

The aggregates used in the manufacturing process provide density, strength and thermal conductivity values, which are compatible with the majority of dense concrete blocks.



Edenhall manufacturer a range of blocks to find the best building solution for your needs. Our Quality Manufacturing Systems ensures consistent quality for all our blocks. The following block types are available:

Solocrete: Dense aggregate blocks available in either a standard or paint grade finish.
Edenlite: Medium density blocks also available in Standard and Paint Grade finishes.
Superlite: Lightweight aggregate blocks available in a standard finish only.

Blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3; Aggregate concrete masonry units.