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Environmental Sustainability

Edenhall, as one of the UK's leading manufacturers of concrete products operates a comprehensive Environmental Management system. It is the policy of Edenhall, that its business maintains a high standard of environmental care in the area in which it operates.

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How are Concrete Bricks environmentally friendly?

  • Concrete Bricks are an inherent CO2 absorber
  • Concrete Bricks are 100% recyclable and are suitable for use as crushed aggregates
  • The aggregates used utilise materials that in some instances are classed as a waste product of quarryingv
  • Most aggregates used are from sources local to our plants and our delivery points are typically within 100miles therefore reducing our impact and associated carbon footprint
  • Edenhall Bricks are manufactured in the UK and have no adverse environmental impacts associated with imported products
  • The high energy firing of kilns in clay production processes is not required for the curing of our Concrete Brick. We simply use the natural exothermic reaction of the cement with no additional energy input. This means no additional natural resources are consumed and emissions are reduced.
  • Concrete Brick reaches the standard required for level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, with a BRE A+ rating for brickwork and the Responsible Sourcing of Materials.

BTB 3 - Environmental Characteristics.