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Darlstone Walling

Essentially a regional product for areas of traditional stone walling, Darlstone is regularly offered as an alternative to quarried stone and is approved as such for use in National Parks and conservation areas. It blends easily with vernacular stonework and is found everywhere from the Cotswolds to Scotland, but it is especially popular in the North and Midlands.

Darlstone is simple and economic to use and is able to create a random coursing aesthetic to masonry as well as contributing scale, colour, texture, a sense of permanence and that all important kerb appeal.


Pitched Buff/Black Darlstone Walling

Rural Buff Darlstone Walling


Both National and Regional housebuiders frequently use Darlstone , often incorporating architectural cast stone as a complimenting detailing product.

Darlstone comes in 3 standard colours, Buff, Buff Black and Grey and in 3 finishes, split, pitched and rural and a comprehensive range of sizes and specials. It is available from stock in full loads or mixed loads with bricks. Bespoke colours can be developed and offered for specific schemes.

It is manufactured to BSEN771-5:2011 from a blend of limestone aggregate and cementitious material has excellent performance in terms of durability and weathering.

As well as housebuilding, Darlstone is suitable for, and used in a variety of landscaping commercial projects and applications.


Split Buff Darlstone Walling

Rural Natural Darlstone Walling


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