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Brick Textures

At Edenhall we specialise in producing a wide variety of different colours, from the traditional reds, oranges through to yellows and creams in with the contemporary blues, greys, whites and even green! To compliment the extensive selection of colours we also produce a number of different texture finishes to our Facing Bricks. The range of textures can be seen below:


Sand Faced

The sandy face texture is a new and innovative finish that has taken the brick market by storm. The response has been an overwhelming success creating high volumes of interest. The finish gives a very attractive appearance and feel that is an outstanding match to both clay and calcium silicate bricks.


The textured finish gives a unique brushed bark effect.The deep rusticated texture is an ideal finish for anyone looking to step away from traditional smooth type brick face. Bricks are supplied with one textured face and a percentage of headers for detailing. Double headers can be supplied to special order.


The somewhat rough and irregular format of this finish is full of the character associated with hand thrown stock facing bricks.


Shot Blasted

This is a distinctive looking brick texture, the appearance of which gives the perception of a weathered face. The bricks are subjected to a secondary treatment after curing which abrades the arrises and leaves the face with a softer texture, also slightly exposing the aggregate creating a striking aesthetic.


Normally chosen for detailing brickwork, this finish is classed as ex mould and due to the pressing technique there may be slight differences between the two stretcher faces of the brick which can add character to the generally smooth appearance.



Although the appearance of brickwork is not covered in the manufacturing, references state that “when required the surface of facing units may have compliance established on the basis of comparison with any approved samples. Comparison should be made from a distance of 3m in normal day light conditions. This compliance shall be established before the units are used”. NHBC guidelines also suggest 10m as a viewing distance. Brickwork should be viewed as a whole and not on an individual basis. It is recommended that a comprehensive sample and approval process is followed including the construction of a site reference panel.