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Brick Specials

The Edenhall range of facing bricks is supported by a range of standard matching specials produced to BS EN 771-3: 2003; Specification for Masonry Units: Aggregate Concrete Masonry Units.  This Technical Data Sheet is only intended to show the most popular sizes and shapes, many other complementary and striking shapes can be manufactured to meet bespoke requirements.

Please note that certain specials are only available in a smooth finish, whilst others are produced in both smooth and rustic textures.  Please consult your local Edenhall Sales Office for specific details.

Due to the particular method of production of special bricks it is important that adequate notice is given before delivery can commence.  Your local Edenhall Sales Office can quote delivery times.

The drawings show the basic shapes of the units and their principal dimensions.  Where sizes or angles have to be specified, please contact your local Edenhall Sales Office for details of mould availability.


AN1 Squint

AN3 Internal Dogleg

AN5 Single Cant

BN1 Single Bullnose


The specials shown are also available as Cast Stone specials in three basic colours: Red, Cream/Buff, Black/Blue. These high strength units are only available in a smooth texture and are designed to be used as complementary feature bricks. The delivery period on these Cast Stone specials may be quicker than that of bespoke units which are made specially to complement our extensive range of facing bricks

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