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New boundaries in concrete

Exotic MASS mural pushes new boundaries in concrete

Customers at Yo! Sushi’s new Exeter restaurant are greeted by a striking double height MASS Concrete feature wall incorporating an exquisite Japanese cherry blossom design with blowing leaves and butterflies flowing across the space and down the staircase.
The vibrant design was cast into the textured concrete wall panels to varying depths, with some elements jet-cut and others debossed.  The ornamental effect of blooming cherry blossoms was created in a pink Perspex to mirror the soft leather seating which adds a further punch of colour to the restaurant overall.  Bespoke LED light fittings add sparkle and intensify the effect.

MASS Concrete, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke concrete surfaces, cast and installed 30 panels in Portland mid-gray, sized 1500x1000mm, for the famous sushi brand which brings a slice of Urban Tokyo to Exeter and over 70 restaurants worldwide.

“We work regularly with MASS and started by using their material for bar tops and work surfaces,” says designer Rebecca Green of Harrison Design.  “Through our meetings we have explored new ways of using the material and have pushed the boundaries in a completely new direction with the Yo! Sushi mural.  It’s a truly dynamic feature combining very smooth high finishes with the raw texture of concrete to create an urban feel.  The input by MASS was a big help and above and beyond what we expected.”

Quite simply, MASS is a new generation of concrete.  It combines high strength, lightness, heat and stain resistance which contrasts sharply with the heavy and porous nature of everyday concrete. Cooler to the touch than laminates and warmer than stone, the character of MASS surfaces vary from a silky satin finish to rougher looking raw concretes.  There is a standard range of useful colours to choose from and bespoke colours can be matched to a particular sample swatch.

“This stunning mural is yet another example of the exciting possibilities for our unique material,” says MASS commercial director Chris Smith-Wright.  “Our array of concrete textures, patterns and colours provide designers with plenty of scope for vision and originality.”

MASS Concrete works closely with designers to develop finishes, colours and special effects for aesthetically striking wall panels, large format floor tiles, servery counters, reception desks, stair treads, furniture and signage.  The products are showcased in corporate headquarters, museums and galleries, leading retailers, some of the world’s finest hotels and hundreds of private homes.

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