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 Largs Campus, North Ayrshire, Scotland

Edenhall's Mayfair Vintage Stock facing brick has been used as part of the new Largs Campus build in North Ayrshire, Scotland.   

                                                                                The original Largs Academy has now closed it's doors for the final time and the new Campus has been built on Alexander Avenue in Largs, and will be the new home to a new Early Years Centre, a relocated Largs Academy, a relocated St Mary's RC Primary School and an amalgamation of the Brisbane and Kelburn Primary Schools. 



 With two theatres, a sports hall that is said to be the biggest in the UK and an arts terrace that overlooks the stunning coastal scenery, this new development is an exciting opening for the area.

The Early Years Centre and Primary Schools moved into the new Campus on the 12th of March, with the secondary schools set to join them on the 18th April.

We can't wait to see more images when all pupils and staff have settled into their new building!

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