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Innovative Brick Finish

Innovative brick finish from Edenhall

Innovative brick making technology devised by Britain’s largest independent brickmaker Edenhall has created a highly durable finish for its newly launched Kingdom Collection of facing bricks and specials.

Not only are these technically superior concrete bricks even more durable, they contribute colour and textural elegance to any elevation. Their variety and depth of multi colours are complemented by a stunning sand textured finish that creates an outstanding match to clay and sand-lime counterparts.  Yet the Kingdom Collection bricks are excellent value.

The colour palette ranges from attractive shades of red, yellow and orange to buff and brown.  Several ranges are characterised by the random black flecks found in traditional self-firing clay stock bricks.

Not only do the new bricks look great they are sustainable, requiring very little maintenance over their long lifespan. They contribute to thermal mass and can be recycled.

Manufactured in South Wales, the Kingdom Collection is available for national delivery.

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