Green Concrete helps deliver Solar Power

Edenhall Concrete has recently completed three major projects for Solar panel base units in the south of England.

The enquiry was to design, manufacture and supply over 600 special precast units each weighing 1.5 tonne. The main challenge was a production period of less than six weeks, during which we designed and produced using our in house experience, 40 concrete and steel moulds along with casting the finished units.

The contract was secured after a few weeks of intense negotiation and with the assistance and support of the Edenhall Group who were able to provide the guarantees and commitments required by the client to meet their own ambitious deadline.

Our own design team at Hale started their work; the first special steel and concrete moulds were put into production at our Somborne factory. Charlie Vincent our works manager and his team commenced work and with early morning starts and weekend work the production rate gained momentum.

Once we achieved our target output at Somborne casting 25 units plus making 4 moulds per day, we enlisted the help of Chris Meadows and the Heritage works factory to manufacture a further 15 units a day. With a first class team effort from both yards casting 40 units, some 60 tonnes per day, everything was cast and delivered exactly on time.  The effort was particularly rewarding as we doubled our turnover from a standing start.

Once again we met our customer’s expectations with a high standard of quality and service. The project demonstrated not only the technical expertise of our designers and the skill and commitment of the production teams, but also the strength of the Edenhall Group when all working together and pulling in the same direction.

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