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Edenhall acquire new facility

Edenhall acquire state of the art manufacturing facility in Nottinghamshire

Edenhall have recently acquired a new manufacturing facility at Lound, Nottinghamshire. The plant, formerly trading as Tudorstone, adds to the existing network of 12 production sites that Edenhall have throughout the UK.

The new plant will be named "Ranskill Works" and is already producing a full range of concrete bricks, both dense and lightweight in a variety of forms and sizes for the construction industry and builders merchant markets.

In addition Edenhall are now able to offer a full range of T-beam flooring accessories including slips, coursing and closure blocks to flooring manufacturers, installation contractors and builders merchants.

In 2013 Edenhall plan to introduce new products from this facility to add to its already extensive range of facing bricks and architectural cast stone, such as walling stone and new "stock" type Facing Brick collection.

This significant investment supports the recent rebrand by Edenhall which includes a new website, facing brick literature and marketing material to help raise awareness of the company's capability and offering.

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