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Concrete is Leading the Way for New Homes

This week We have been Featured in House Builder and Developer Net Mag Media. 

The Article Features our Managing Director giving insight as to why Concrete Brick is giving the clay market a run for its money since the House Building Recovery has gained momentum. Concrete Brick offers a remarkably fair match to clay when viewed as completed brickwork – so much so, even experienced specifiers have difficulty spotting the difference.

When it comes to sustainability, concrete brickwork has a BRE A+ rating and offers the advantage of thermal mass, preventing overheating during the day while reducing heat loss at night. What’s more, research and development has all but eliminated the issue of efflorescence, or ‘lime bloom’, in concrete brickwork. The product is also 100 per cent recyclable as a crushed aggregate- another reason to love Edenhall 

For Full Article : http://www.hbdonline.co.uk/news/concrete-brick-popularity/

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