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Edenhall manufacture a range of blocks to find the best building solution for your needs. Our Quality Manufacturing Systems ensures consistent quality for all our blocks.

The following block types are available:

Solocrete: Dense aggregate blocks available in either a standard or paint grade finish. Produced to 7.3N/mm2 strength they can be used in all parts of a project above and below dpc. Higher strengths are available upon request.

Edenlite: Medium density blocks also available in Standard and Paint Grade finishes. Their load bearing capacity of 7.3N/mm2 provides an excellent background for plastering and rendering where required as well as offering a reduced weight where Health, Safety and Thermal considerations are necessary. 

Superlite: Lightweight aggregate blocks available in a standard finish only. They have low thermal conductivity which makes them ideal for use as the inner leaf of cavity walls when combined with the appropriate additional insulation to achieve the mandatory or target U Value.

Blocks are manufactured to BS EN 771-3; Aggregate concrete masonry units.

Block Technical Data Sheet