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About Edenhall

Edenhall is a leading UK supplier of sustainable concrete products for the construction industry. Our unique combination of quality products, process and customer support means we can satisfy your precise requirements with a simple, versatile and cost-effective solutions package.

 A one-stop shop for standard items or bespoke units to your designs, Edenhall has over 60 years experience in precast concrete products.  We manufacture at a number of sites across England, Scotland and Wales and offer full national coverage and distribution. The full national coverage gives us an advantage supplying products to our customers and also delivers a high level of service with commercial sales mangers also covering nationally.

Sustainable development is an integral part of our business and we have comprehensive programmes in place to minimise our environmental impact.

Renowned for innovation and versatility in products and processes, Edenhall develops solutions to meet your needs, whether to blend with the local vernacular or create a truly original aesthetic. Whatever your requirements, our dedicated team of experts supports you from design to installation.

Edenhall provides an unrivalled range of products and support – and is a leading player in each of its key sectors:

Facing Bricks

We are Britain’s largest independent brick manufacturer and Europe’s leading supplier of concrete facing bricks. Colours, shades and textures range across the spectrum to meet any specification requirements for facing bricks and specials.

Cast Stone

All types of architectural cast stone units are offered in a large choice of natural colours and finishes to blend with a diverse range of influences, from classical to contemporary.