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As you are aware the Construction Products Regulations 2011 (CPR) include a requirement, from 1st July 2013, that all products manufactured to a harmonised European Standard carry a CE Mark and an accompanying Declaration of Performance (DoP).

At Edenhall we will be following the legislation (which by definition is a legal requirement) for our brick, block, Darlstone walling, and certain Cast Stone products. Our method will be via the delivery note documentation which will include a CE reference against the relevant products and then at the foot of the document there will be a link to our website directing customers to the relevant information. This has been acknowledged as an acceptable method of complying with the legislation by Trading Standards who will be responsible for policing and enforcing requirements.

At Edenhall we have attempted to simplify the communication of information required under the regulations by grouping our various products that are affected into CE product groups which hold the same characteristics. The one variable of dimensions is covered separately and detailed on the delivery note documentation.

To access the relevant CE Mark and DoP for the product supplied please follow the steps below:

  • The products supplied are listed on the delivery note and for those requiring a CE mark there is a CE reference number.
  • On the delivery note there is a link to the website (www.edenhall.co.uk/ce-marking) which provides access to an index of product groups (including their CE Reference) and their allocated CE mark and DoP.
  • Simply click on the relevant product and both the CE mark and DoP are available as printable PDF downloads.

For Cast Stone it is true to say that both the industry as a whole and the trade association UKCSA are divided in their interpretation relevant to Cast Stone products. At Edenhall we have determined that certain Cast Stone items (ie. those with a maximum dimension of <650mm and that do not contain fixings or reinforcement) fall under a harmonised standard BS EN 771-5: 2011 Manufactured Stone Masonry Units and as such require a CE Mark and associated DoP. Typically these are items such as Quoins and Ashlar Blocks. It is important to recognise that bespoke precast units (ie. those products not made to a harmonised European Standard supplied to a single customer’s specific requirements for delivery to a specific project [or defined number of projects], and not placed into the open market) must not carry a CE Mark.

This applies to the vast majority of our own precast and cast stone products. For clarification these units will, where relevant, be supplied either to an agreed bespoke specification or to a non harmonised standard, eg. BS 1217:2008 - Cast Stone.

In the case of Cast Stone, any item with a maximum dimension >650mm and/or containing fixings or reinforcement (eg. our fibre reinforced cast stone - grc) cannot legally carry a CE Mark.

At Edenhall, for clarity and ease of use by the supply chain, we have grouped our products for CE Mark purposes. These groups carry the same characteristics for the DoP, save for the dimensions which are detailed separately, and all CE Mark and DoP information can be sourced via a specific section of our website - , www.edenhall.co.uk/ce-marking - where by selecting the CE group code for the relevant product (as shown on the delivery documentation) the information is available to the supply chain.

To enable the supply chain to identify products that are CE marked, Edenhall will support the delivery note documentation and web based data by using pack labelling, where practical, to direct clients to the data. It may be the case that a mixture of CE marked products and non CE marked products are delivered and in this case any packaging lots must not feature the CE Mark, which supports our stance on adopting the flexible documentation and web based system.

Edenhall believes that all products supplied by the Group that require a CE mark will comply with the legislation with effect from 1st July 2013, which gives the supply chain total confidence in both the specification and use of Edenhall products.

If you require further information please Contact Us.

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